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The IRWIN Award Winners

2014 - Celebrity Presenter: Wink Martindale
  • Jill Amadio - Best International Campaign
  • David Beakel - A Work of Friction
  • George Cave, Ph.D. - Best Non-Fiction Campaign
  • Barbara Charis - Best Sustained Campaign
  • Elissa Eaton - Most Erotic Book of Year
  • Bill Friedman - Best Historical Campaign
  • Michael Woodworth Fuller - Best Fiction
  • Kathy Gruven, Ph.D. - Best News Tie-In Campaign
  • Cynthia Hammer - Best Marketing Campaign
  • Yolanda Izurieta - Best Bilingual Campaign
  • Marcus Meleton - Most Outrageous Campaign
  • Michael Oden - Most Innovative Campaign
  • Rhonda Rees - Publicist of the Year
  • Archie Scott - Best Medical Book
  • Dwight Slaughter - Most Inspirational Campaign
  • Ayn Cates Sullivan - Best Spiritual Campaign
  • Ana Weber - Best Entrepreneurial Campaign
2013 - Celebrity Presenter: Chuck McCann
  • Conrad Bernier - Best International Campaign
  • Harriett Bronson - Most Inspiring Memoir
  • Tommy Davis - Best Sports Book
  • Ruth Frechman - Best News Tie-In Campaign
  • Ron Koegler, M.D. - Best Historical Fiction
  • Mark Lovendale - Best Non-Fiction Campaign
  • Evelyn De Wolfe - Most Inspirational Campaign
  • Dasol Mashaka - Best Creative Campaign
  • Cary Presant, M.D. - Most Humanitarian Campaign
  • Steve S. Ryan and Patti J. Ryan - Best Marketing Campaign
  • William Sewell - Best Fiction Campaign
  • Dr. Huesan Tran - Best Visionary Campaign
  • Samuel Freshman and Heidi Clingen - Best Self-Help Book
  • Chuck McCann - Entertainment Book of the Year


2012 - Celebrity Presenters:
The Double-Energy Twins,
Judi & Shari Zucker
  • Mary A. Mann - Most Humanitarian Campaign
  • Julie Adams - Best Biographical Campaign
  • H. Levi Harrison, M.D. - Best Community Health Campaign
  • Christine Candland - Best Juvenile Fiction Campaign
  • Diane Bucci - Most Inspirational Campaign
  • MernaLyn - Best Motivational Campaign
  • Devon Blaine - Book Publicist of the Year
  • Violeta Barrett - Best Romance Campaign
  • Danny Quintana - Best News Tie-in Campaign
  • Joyce Alexander - Best International Campaign
  • Granger Korff - Best Non-Fiction Campaign
  • Tony Medley - Best Sustained Campaign
  • Peter Ford - Entertainment Book of the Year
  • Judi & Shari Zucker - Most Energized Campaign

2011 - Celebrity Presenter: Tommy Hawkins

  • Carla Laemmle* - Best Celebrity Campaign
  • Jean Sanders Torrey* - Best Fiction Campaign
  • Paul Straub, M.D. - Most Inspirational Campaign
  • Phil Margo - Best Science Fiction Campaign
  • Anita Reinsma - Most Innovative Campaign
  • Lauren Gale - Best Visionary Campaign
  • Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D. - Best Motivational Campaign
  • Nicholas Stanton - Best Juvenile Fiction Campaign
  • Howard Birnberg - Best International Campaign
  • Arlene & Bernard* Clendenin - Best Educational Campaign
  • Sonnee Weedn - Best Psycho-Spiritual Campaign
  • Rosemary H. Cohen, Ph.D. - Most Humanitarian Campaign
  • Sam Djang, D.D.S. - Best Historical Fiction Campaign

*In Memoriam

Celebrity Presenter: "Shotgun Tom" Kelly
(surname IRWIN)
  • David Evans - Most Innovative Campaign
  • Rose M. Colombo - Best Motivational Campaign
  • Greg Doyle - Most Inspirational Campaign
  • R. Lee Walker - Best Humanitarian Campaign
  • Jim Hallowes - Publicist of the Year
  • Jacque Heebner - Best Creative Campaign
  • Sanda Davis - Best Psycho-Spiritual Campaign
  • Joyce Geeting - Best Biographical Campaign
  • Wanda Sue Parrott - Best Visionary Campaign
  • Flo Snyder - Entertainment Book of the Year
  • Camille Franklin - Best Historical Campaign
  • Michele Monro - Best International Campaign
  • Gloria Berlin - Best Celebrity Book Campaign
  • George Newberry - Best Non-Fiction Campaign
Celebrity Presenter: Chris Erskine
  • Darlene Dennis - Best Print Campaign
  • Sheila Farrell Murray - Best Fiction Campaign
  • Marion Rosen - Best Inspirational Campaign
  • Muriel Donaldson - Best Motivational Campaign
  • Sherry Meinberg, Ph.D. - Best Niche Marketing Campaign
  • Art Hansl* - Entertainment Book of the Year
  • Patricia Bragg, Ph.D. - Best Sustained Campaign
  • Joyce Schwarz - Best Visionary Campaign
  • Peter Balaskas - Publicist of the Year
  • George H. Hassan - Best International Campaign
  • Sissy Taran - Best Community Service Campaign
  • J.B. Simms - Best Non-Fiction Campaign

*In Memoriam

Celebrity Presenter: Stan Chambers - In Memoriam
  • Michael Mehas - Best Fiction Campaign
  • Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. - Best Nonfiction Campaign
  • Dr. Anne Gray - Best International Campaign
  • Norman Bergrun - Best sustained Campaign
  • Pam Lontos - Publicist of the Year
  • Jim Leatherwood - Most Innovative Campaign
  • Dianne de la Vega - Entertainment Book of the Year
  • Gayel Pitchford - Best Niche Marketing Campaign
  • Lili Dauphin - Most Inspirational Campaign
  • Costantino Delli - Best Humanitarian Campaign
  • Patricia Hamilton - Best Creative Campaign
  • Alva Sachs - Best Motivational Campaign
Celebrity Presenter: Kelly Lange
  • Lawrence & Carole Pane - Best International Campaign
  • Patricia Kokinos - Best Fiction Campaign
  • Naomi Karz Jacobs - Best Non-Fiction Campaign
  • Victoria Jolson - Entertainment Book of the Year
  • Dan Smith - Book Publicist of the Year
  • Lois Rose Rose - Most Innovative Campaign
  • Dr. Barbara J. Harper - Most Inspirational Campaign
  • Pamela Kelly - Best Networking Campaign
  • Larry Sager - Best Media Campaign
  • Alvin Harris, MD - Most Humanitarian Campaign
  • Dee Dee Phelps - Best Pop Culture Campaign
  • Pamela Law - Best Marketing Campaign
  • Janet Goliger - Best Community Service Campaign
Celebrity Presenter: Fred Travalena - In Memoriam

Roger SeLegue - Best Fiction Campaign
Bryan Farrish - Southern California Publicist of the Year
Geo O'Connor - Best International Campaign
Ernest Schwarz, M.D., Ph.D. - Best News Tie-in Campaign
Robin C. Westmiller, J.D. - Best Press/Print Campaign
Pat Katakio, E.E.P. - Most Inspirational Campaign
Dawn Williams - Entertainment Book of the Year
Bernice Schacter - Most Innovative Campaign
S. Hanala Stadner - Best TV-Radio Campaign
Linda F. Radke - Book Marketer of the Year
Howard* and Judy Keel - Best Non-Fiction Campaign
Fred Siegel - Best Sustained Campaign

*In Memoriam

Celebrity Presenter: Johnny Grant - In Memoriam

Samantha Hart - Best Entertainment Book
Nadine Nardi Davidson - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Val Middlebrook* - Best Entrepreneurial Campaign
Don Silvers* - Best Sustained Campaign
David Stevens - Best Fiction Campaign
Rennie Gabriel - Best Niche Marketing Campaign
Ivan Burnell* - Most Inspirational Campaign
April Shenandoah - Best News Tie-In Campaign
Patricia Rust - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Yvonne Brooks - Most Innovative Campaign
Susan Moss - Best International Campaign
Yolanda Nava - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Joyce Spizer - Publicist of the Year

*In Memoriam

Celebrity Presenters: Irwin and Irwin
(Stan Irwin,
in memoriam
and Irwin Zucker)

Dr. Emma Etuk, Ph.D. - Best International Campaign
Stanley Weisleder - Best Fiction Campaign
Susanne Reyto - Best Non-Fiction Campaign
Kenny Kahn* - Most Inspirational Campaign
Arthur Silber, Jr. - Entertainment Book of the Year
Michelle Blood and Rock Riddle - Most Innovative Campaign
Edward Lee Goldstein - Best Networking Campaign
Carolyn Howard-Johnson - Most Cost Effective Campaign
Terri Marie - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Bob Mazza* - Publicist of the Year
Flo Selfman - Best Book Tie-In Campaign

*In Memoriam

Celebrity Presenter: Stephanie Edwards

January Jones - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Diana Johnson - Best Fiction Campaign
Cynthia Hunter - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Jim Riordan - Publicist of the Year
Jo Giese - Best Print Campaign
Alana Lyons, Ph.D. - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Brad Butler - Best International Campaign
Mel Weiser - Best Celebrity Book Award
Earl Mindell, Ph.D. - Best Sustained Campaign
Dottie Walters* - Most Innovative Campaign
Alan Schlein - Best Electronic Campaign
Lee Boothby - Best Media Kit

*In Memoriam

Celebrity Presenter: Dick Van Patten - In Memoriam

Jeraldine Saunders - Best Sustained Campaign
Esther Pearlman - Most Innovative Campaign
Jacqueline Sidman, Ph.D. - Most Inspirational Campaign
David Swingler - Best International Campaign
Edward Es
- Best Fiction Campaign
Roy William Roush, Ph.D. - Best Non-Fiction Campaign
David Balch - Best News Tie-In Campaign
Ida Greene, Ph.D. - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Lindsey Kotler - Best Media Kit
Charlie Barrett - Publicist of the Year

Celebrity Presenter: Wink Martindale

Bruce Goldberg, D.D.S. - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Basia Hoffman - Best Fiction Campaign
Len Wood - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Arlene T. Dyer - Publicist of the Year
Riquette Hofstein - Best Print Campaign
Larry Clapp* - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Ava Cadell, Ph.D. - Best International Campaign
Don Barrett - Best Merchandising Campaign
Devra Hill, Ph.D. - Best Sustained Campaign
Helaine Z. Harris - Most Innovative Campaign
David Valenti - Best Electronic Campaign
Rebecca Coffey - Best Media Kit

*In Memoriam

Celebrity Presenter: Peter Marshall

Marvin Marshall, Ed.D - Best Sustained Campaign
Robert Hecker - Best Fiction Campaign
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.* - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Kate Adamson - Most Inspirational Campaign
Mitchell J. Freedman - Best Media Campaign
Robert Kotler, M.D. - Most Innovative Campaign
Michael Grossman, M.D. and Jodi Jones, M.D. -
   Best Media Kit
Leo Pearlstein - Publicist of the Year
Loree Taylor Jordan - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Barbara Sternig - Best News Tie-In Campaign

*In Memoriam

Celebrity Presenter: Gary Owens - In Memoriam

Frank Genco - Best Print Campaign
Judy Belshe - Best Electronic Campaign
Ruthie Grant, Ph.D. - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Tom* and Mary Lou Magee - Most Innovative Campaign
Angi Ma Wong - Publicist of the Year
Margo Bennett - Best International Campaign
Don Etkes, Ph.D. - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Jim Anderson* - Best Sustained Campaign
Catherine Cloud Templeton - Best Fiction Campaign
Illana Katz - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Jan Yager, Ph.D. - Best Media Kit

*In Memoriam

Celebrity Presenter: Rose Marie

Betty Ryan-DellaCorte - Best News Tie-In Campaign
Ronald Barnett - Most Innovative Campaign
Patricia Fitzgerald, D.H.M. - Best Entrepreneurial Campaign
Joyce Kennedy, Ph.D. - Best International Campaign
Bea Frolich* - Best Sustained Campaign
Anthony Mora - Best Fiction Campaign
David Schumacher, Ph.D.* - Most Inspirational Campaign
Mondo Fax - Best Media Kit
Doug Thorburn - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Ellen Reid - Book Marketer of the Year
Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D. - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Michael Holmes* - Publicist of the Year

*In Memoriam

Celebrity Presenter: Fritz Coleman

James Malinchak - Most Innovative Campaign
Milton Kahn - Book Publicist of the Year
Ray Sahelian, M.D. - Best Print Campaign
Willie Southall - Best International Campaign
Nancy Zi - Best Media Kit
Morton Cooper, Ph.D. - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Charles Coulter - Best Fiction Campaign
Godfrey Harris - Best Non-fiction Campaign
David Lumbert - Best Mail-Order Campaign


Celebrity Presenter: Shelley Berman

Georgia Durante - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Debo Kotun - Best Fiction Campaign
Edward Lozzi - Publicist of the Year
B.J. Mitchell - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Jacqueline Marcell - Best Print Campaign
Vikki Ashley, Ph.D. - Most Inspirational Campaign
Al Winnikoff* and Wayne Wagner - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Diane R. Isaacs, Ph.D. - Best News Tie-In Campaign
Lloyd Wright - Best Internet Campaign
Eleni-Dayle Iversen* and Jack Iversen* - Best Press Kit
Steven Pybrum - Best Sustained Campaign
Francia Turner - Best International Campaign

*In Memoriam

Celebrity Presenter: Chuck Henry

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen - Publicists of the Year
Vera Gold - Most Supportive Radio Personality
Ed Hibler - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Lyn Harris Hicks and Dorothy Boberg -
   Best Academic Campaign
Ruth Klein - Best Print Campaign
Bill Mangum - Most Innovative Campaign
Dan Poynter - Best Electronic Campaign
Margaret Rector* - Most Original Entry
Tom Youngholm - Best Fiction Campaign

*In Memoriam


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